About us

Just over a decade ago, 1998 to be precise, ChennaiBAZAAR started out as a gift shop that people living both in India and abroad utilized to send gifts to their relatives in Chennai. Gift items included apparel, flowers, cakes, chocolates etc. Whatever the customer ordered we made sure it reached the recipient on time.

This innovative idea became so popular that soon we were flooded with requests to send gifts to loved ones in other cities in India. So we complied and began to deliver gifts to addresses all over India for festivals, weddings, birthdays and even for no occasions, but just to say we are thinking of you. In this way Cbazaar bridged the gap and was an important link to convey the love between relatives and friends living abroad and those living in India.

ChennaiBAZAAR takes the credit of pioneering the first online e-store for sarees and Silk Saree in 1999. The innovative idea of an online business was something unheard of then. The novel Chennai online store was so well managed that soon it expanded by leaps and bounds. And this was possible due to the love and respect we gained from our customers and patrons.

By 2005, ChennaiBAZAAR's online business began to grow even further due to the demands of the NRI's living in the United States and other parts of the world. This coincided with the IT boom as many Indians had found jobs worldwide but wanted Indian apparel.

Soon a new online e-store called Cbazaar was set up just to handle demands of the vast Asian Diaspora living in North America who wanted sarees and other Asian apparel that was fashionable and easily available to them instantly.

Today Cbazaar's online apparel is available all over the world and Cbazaar is a name that is synonymous with quality and excellence, our apparel and fashion entities are available at competitive prices. Latest Asian clothing, for women, men and children as well as accessories, jewelry and handbags are easily available on our e-stores worldwide.

If you would like to try our online shopping then the address for USA and Canada is For customers from Europe and UK you can find us at For Australia our address is and those living in the Pacific Islands and in New Zealand you need to log on to and for our national customers, our e-store can be found at